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Hiking in the Chiemgau

Premium Hiking Trail “Almgenuss” – enjoy the mountain pastures!

Certified hiking trail over the Hemmersuppenalm to the Eggenalm via Schuhmacherkreuz – the hike passes through the different zones of the mountain pastures.


Length: 7,10 km

Duration: 3:30 h

Lowest point (m): 1238 m

Highest point (m): 1668 m

Altimeters: 480 m

Difficulty: medium

Hints: Circular trail, opportunity to stop off for lunch

Trail: Delightful hike taking half a day. Starting point: Hemersuppenalm. From there via the Anna Kapelle to the Straubinger Haus. From a fountain in the rocks you ascent to the Schuhmacherkreuz (1668m). You descend in westward direction over the mountain pasture to the Straubinger Haus on the Eggenalm. A trail in eastern direction leads you back to the starting point.

Particularities: Wonderful hike for half a day. Certified with the German hiking seal “Premiumwanderweg” (premium hiking trail). At the Schuhmacherkreuz, the highest point of the trip, you will be able to enjoy a splendid view over Reit im Winkl, the Chiemsee and the near Kaisergebirge as well as the Berchetsgadener and Loferer Mountains.

Possibilities to stop off: Hindenburghütte, Sulzner Kaser, Straubinger Haus
Recommendation: Good shoes and appropriate hiking clothes. You can also walk this trail in the inverse direction!


Premium Hiking Trail „Alpin – Gletscherblick“ (view of the alps and glaciers)

Medium to difficult level, partly with steep ascents. One of the most beautiful hikes of Reit im Winkl, offering breathtaking views. (Ascent to the summit of the Fellhorn possible)


Length: 12,60 km

Duration: 5:00 h

Lowest point (m): 1211 m

Hightes point (m): 1615 m

Altimeters: 520 m

Difficulty: medium

Hints: Circular trail, possibility to stop off

Trail: Long, but very diverse day trip. Starting point: Hemmersuppen-Alm. In the beginning you take a logging road, later a trail to the Pflegereck. You continue to the Durchkaser-Alms in the next climate zone (from larch forests to high alpine meadows). From the Durchkaser-Alms on to the Eggenalm, the trails runs on a “balcony” offering you a breathtaking view – in the south the glaciers of the Hohe Tauern, in the north the view of the Chiemsee/Wendelstein, in the east the prospect of the mountains of Berchtesgaden. From the Eggenalm (Straubinger Haus) you descend to the starting point.

Particularities: impressing panoramic views of the mountains, wonderful alpine flora, certified with the German hiking seal “Premiumwanderweg” (premium hiking trail).

Possibilities to stop off: Hindenburghütte, Sulznerkaser, Straubinger Haus
Recommendation: take your lunch with you or plan a side trip from the Durchkaser-Alms to the Brennhütte (ca. 30 minutes), as the Ambachalm (Durchkaser) is rarely open.


Premium Hiking Trail „Alpin Chiemseeblick“ (alpine view of the Chiemsee)

The longest and “most difficult trail” of the premium trails, but also the most impressing one. The mountain pastures Glapfalm, Hutzenalm, Stoibenmöseralm and the Wetterkreuz offer marvelous views of the Chiemgau.


Length: 12,40 km

Duration: 6:45 h

Lowest point (m): 681 m

Highest point (m): 1277 m

Altimeters: 1024 m

Difficulty: difficult

Hints: Circular trail, possibility to stop off

Trail: The typical Upper Bavarian village is the starting point and the ending of the alpine premium trail “Chiemseeblick”. At every corner awaits you a different view of the landscape. You ascent from the starting point –“Festsaal”– over Glapfhof the hiking trail No. 32, which reaches by a steep way the Wetterkreuz (1061m). There you can enjoy a wonderful view of the mountains! You follow the hiking trail northwards on narrow paths to the Hutzenalm (990m), where you have the possibility to stop off. Afterwards you follow a path in northward direction and pass through a light forest and over a mountain meadow into a steep forest till you reach the Stoibenmöseralm (1273), all the while you can enjoy splendid views of the Kaisergebirge. At the Stoibenmöseralm (where you can stop off again) you turn to the viewpoint “Tauernblick und Chiemseeblick”. You descend eastwards using a steep mountain path back to the direction of the Hutzenalm, where you pass through mountain meadows and over logging roads to reach the Lieberg foresters lodge and the Glapfalm. You continue in the direction of the corner chapel (“Eckkappelle”), and after 25 minutes, the steep waterfall trail forks to the right. On the right side of the waterfall you follow a secured trail to Reit im Winkl – centre – and arrive via the lotus pond at the starting point “Festsaal”.

Please note: This is a long day trip of alpine character which requires good shoes and the necessary fitness.
During the trip you can enjoy countless wonderful views of the valley of Reit im Winkl and the surrounding mountains, and at the highest point you will be impressed by the view of the Chiemsee (the “Bavarian Sea”). Moreover, you can also admire the beautiful flora of the Alps.


Premium hiking trail „Kapellensteig“ (trail to the chapels)


Lenght: 6,50 km

Duration: 2:40 h

Lowest point (m): 685 m

Highest point (m): 965 m

Altimeters: 304 m

Difficulty: medium

Hints: Circular trail, possibilty to stop off

Trail: Starting point „Festsaal“. From here you walk along the sports field to the church, taking the Hausbergstraße in the direction of the “Eckkapelle” (corner chapel). At the last house you turn right into the hiking trail to Pötschbichl, then to the Jederer and Walmberg. From the Walmberg, you walk in the direction of the corner chapel, then you descend to Reit im Winkl – centre – at the turn-off Amthorsteig you take the trail to the “Kriegerkapelle” (warriors’ chapel), from where you take the Scheffelsteig to the Aussichtskanzel (view point!). You descend via the protestant church to the Birnbacherstraße and walk along the miniature golf field and the Hausbach back to the “Festsaal”.

Particularities: wonderful views over the valley on the way from the Pötschbichl to the Walmberg – on your way to the Eckkapelle, there is the possibility of a short side trip to the “Chiemseeblick” (view of the Chiemsee). The trail from the Eckkapelle – which is decorated with old frescos – to the Kriegerkapelle is part of an artistic way of the cross. The Kriegerkapelle was erected as a memorial for those killed in the wars. Beautiful flora on the southern Hausberg trails – protected plants.

Possibilities to stop off: restaurant Jederer, restaurants in the village

Equipment: solid hiking shoes


Premium hiking trail „Klausenbachklamm“

An easy hike with splendid views and breathtaking settings.


Length: 9,60 km

Duration: 3:15h

Lowest point (m): 656 m

Highest point (m): 897 m

Altimeters: 333 m

Difficulty: medium

Hints: Circular trail, culture, culinary, possibility to stop off, suitable for families

Trail: medium difficult hike with a gorge trail. A sure foot is necessary. Starting point “Festsaal”. From there along the sports field in the direction of Loferauen; then you take the logging trail via the „Grenzsteg“ in the ascent to the highmoor “Mühlau”. Alongside the moor you continuously ascend to the mountain meadow of the “Demel-Hauseralm” (891m). You descend via the Klausenbergalm in the direction of Blindau to the turn-off “Klausenbachklamm” (surefootedness). After the gorge trail you walk via Blindau, Benzeck and the Loferauen back to the starting point.

Particularities: area of the torrential stream Lofer, highmoor Mühlau, mountain meadows, gorge trail through the Klausenbergklamm, pond in Blindau, pretty chapel in Alt-Blindau.

Possibilities to stop off: restaurant Sonneck and possibilities at the starting point; side trip to the Zwerchenbergalm (ca. 35 minutes one way)


Winter Hiking Trails

Premium winter hiking trails

Winter hiking means exercise and relaxation far from the hectic everyday life. Renew your strength in the midst of pristine nature, surrounded by the Bavarian Alps. Mountain summits, alpine huts and giant trees all wrapped up in a thick layer of white snow, pure air, blue sky, the soft sound of the fresh snow under your feet – all this is winter hiking. 

Winter hiking with quality seal for the winter sport hiking trails in Reit im Winkl

UOur premium winter hiking trails:

Germany’s first premium winter hiking trail

  • Panoramic trail
    Premium winter hiking trail to the Hemmersuppenalm
  • Length: 6 km / walk time ca. 1,5 to 2 hours
  • Starting point: alpine restaurant Hindenburghütte at the Hemmersuppenalm

Second premium winter hiking trail

  • „Kaiserblick“ (view of the Kaiser Mountains)
    Premium winter hiking trail in the village area
  • Length: 6 km / walk time ca. 2 hours
  • Starting point: langlauf station at the „Festsaal“, Tiroler Straße
  • Highlight: for 3 kilometers you have a splendid view of the Kaiser Mountains with the „Wilder und Zahmer Kaiser“ (2344m)

Hemmersuppenalm – Hiking in the Chiemgau Mountains

Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, in the setting of alpine meadows and fairy-tale woods there is the sunny high plateau of the Hemmersuppenalm. A picture perfect hiking paradise.

Our recommendations for your hiking holiday in the Chiemgau:


Walk time ca. 2 hours, 500 altimeters, possibility to stop off, medium difficult hiking tour

From the tourist information, the trail leads over the valley meadows to the Wimmerkreuz and the ski jumps. Here you ascend taking the trail No. 16 to the alpine restaurant Hindenburghütte (1200 m) at the upper Hemmersuppenalm. Then you walk the trail No. 13 resp. 131 across the Nattersbergalm to the parking place Seegatterl. From there we recommend to take the bus back to the village.


Walk time ca. 4 – 4 ½ hours, 570 altimeters, possibility to stop off, medium difficult hiking tour

Against payment of a fee, we can drive you to the Hindenburghütte. You walk via the Hemmersuppenalm to the Straubinger Haus (No. 153) to the Fellhorn (1765 m). Back via the trail No. 151 to the alpine restaurant Hindenburghütte.

Hemmersuppenalm-Winklmoosalm (2,5 hours) – Reit im Winkl:

Walk time 5 hours, possibility to stop off, medium difficult hiking tour
Against payment of a fee, we can drive you to the restaurant Aloengasthof Hindenburghütte. Via Pflegereck – Eibenstock (No. 18) to the Winklmoosalm and Seegatterl. From there alongside the Schwarzlofer (No. 9) back to the village. We recommend to take the bus to the village from the Winklmoosalm or Seegatterl.

Circular Trail Hemmersuppenalm:

Walk time ca. 2 hours, possibility to stop off, easy hiking tour
Against payment of a fee, we can drive you to the Hindenburghütte. Circular trail in the direction of the Anna Kapelle (chapel) – upper Hemmersuppenalm back to the alpine restaurant Hindenburghütte.   

The tourist information will provide you with detailed hiking maps!

Event recommendation::

Every year, on July 26th, there is a mountain church service in the Anna chapel.

How to get there:

  • By bus: from 9:00 am, there are several small buses a day from the tourist information or the parking place Blindau to the alpine restaurant Hindenburghütte at the Hemmersuppenalm. If you have the Reit im Winkl Inclusive Card, the ticket is reduced from 6,00€ to 5,00€. (Driving service: tel. +49 171 5437923). The ride takes ca. 15 minutes. The last return is at ca. 16:30.
    The tickets can be bought directly on the bus.
    Please note that this service is not available in spring and autumn.
  • By car: It is not permitted to drive up in your own car.
  • By mountain bike: From Reit im Winkl, there is a cycle track running parallel to the road to Seegatterl. From there you cycle past the Natterbergalm to the alpine restaurant Hindenburghütte/Hemmersuppenalm. This track is only recommended for very proficient mountain bikers.
    All the other trails to the Hemmersuppenalm are not allowed for mountain bikers.
  • On foot: From the ski jumps/Steinbachweg or from Seegatterl via the Nattersbergalm you reach the Hemmersuppenalm in ca. 1 ½ hours. From Seegatterl you can also take the trail via Eibenstock – Pflegereck (1260m) to the Hemmersuppealm.

Car Parking:

There are parking possibilities at the tourist information, in Blindau or Seegatterl.

Possibilities to stop off and eat at the Hemmersuppenalm:

Alpengasthof Hindenburghütte
Familie Dirnhofer
Tel. und Fax +49 8640 8425
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sulzner Kaser
Familie Böddecker
Tel. 08663/2488 Fax: +49 8663 419682
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